Chabad Flamingo is very pleased to welcome back all returning members and proud to be able to open its doors to new members at the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Family Shul for the new Jewish year of 5780.
If you need to discuss your membership or building fund dues, please submit your forms to the office at your earliest convenience, so that the membership dues committee has time to process your request in a timely manner so that High Holiday seats can be allocated appropriately before the Main Sanctuary sells out.
This process need not be a difficult task. The committee will be able to meet the members’ requests by reviewing their explanation on the building fund form, and then discussing it with them on the phone.
There has a misconception that the process is similar to that of the local Jewish Day Schools. It is not. The need for detailed financial disclosure will not be asked for; if the committee believes the member’s request is reasonable for their circumstances. Furthermore, while the committee reserves the right to meet with the member, no initial face to face meeting occurs when the request is submitted, and last year the committee approved all requests without ever requiring an interview.
The Family Shul Membership Dues Committee
Sari Bachar -
[email protected]
Nathan Choran -
[email protected]
Howard Glowinsky -
[email protected]
Paul Smith -
[email protected]