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High Holiday Youth Bulletin 5778


We are very pleased to announce that plans for our High Holiday youth programs are well underway. Led by experienced and energetic group leaders, we will provide meaningful as well as fun educational programs for your children while you attend services. Each group will enjoy age appropriate games, stories, discussions, prayers and songs. They will also have their own “Kids’ Kiddush” as well as lunch on Yom Kippur day.

All Youth Programs will run concurrent with the regular adult MORNING SERVICES on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur as well as during Kol Nidre. However during Ne’ilah services only adult supervision will be provided. Our Teen & Youth Minyanim will commune for all morning services on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur as well as during Kol Nidre & Ne’ilah.

The following programs will be available by advance registration only.

We ask that you please comply with these regulations; as there will be a zero tolerance policy. We cannot make exceptions with respect to this issue. This is due to heightened security concerns as well as the organizational requirements of our (Baruch Hashem) overflow attendance expectations.

Please Note: There is no babysitting provided for children under the age of three years. Children must remain with their parents at services (Yes, children are welcome in the main sanctuary!) or in the Toddler room.

Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child/ren at any of the programs below. Ushers will be on hand at all entrance points to escort your child/ren to and from their designated program(s).

Pre School (ages 3-5)
A fun preschool program, which will include circle time, snacks stories and free play in an attractive room full of toys.

Grade 1 & 2
Don’t miss the fun! It’s all happening at this great program, which includes interactive Holiday reviews, introductory prayer, games, prizes, candy cards and your very own kiddush.


Grades 3 & 4

A lively Program providing young children the opportunity to sing Holiday songs and prayers, learn the basic flow of the Holiday morning service, and gain a sense of belonging within a Jewish peer group. The children will also enjoy prizes, games and their very own Kid’s Kiddush.

Grades 5 & 6

This program will provide a forum in which these young adults will have a chance to learn about the mechanics and meanings of the Holiday, the Torah reading, the prayers and the order of the service. The children will lead a service with the support of a youth leader. At this program Bar / Bat Mitzvah children will get a real hands on Shul experience and partake in informal davening, interactive discussions, games, stories.

Youth Minyan

At our Flamingo High Holiday Youth Minyan, your child will have a chance to pray from a Machzor in the traditional order outlined for Holiday prayers. This program is geared towards children who have participated in our Youth Minyan throughout the year and have enhanced their reading and participation skills. Snacks will be served, games will be supplementary to the youth service.

Teen Scene
This program will include; informal prayer, age appropriate games and trivia, holiday discussion, stories & lessons, ice breakers, a fun social & Holiday atmosphere for grades 7 & 8.

Teen Minyan

Once again we will be having a formal Teen Congregational service with assigned seats etc. in the weekday sanctuary. This means that your teenaged children will really get a chance to be a part of the High Holiday services, open the Ark and get their own Aliyot etc. A very dynamic Rabbi, will lead these special services and deliver age appropriate sermons and running commentary during the prayers. Teens that would like to be active and volunteer in this Minyan, as Gabbai, Chazan, etc. should contact our office.

ALL children must attend a program unless they are with their parents. Children cannot be unsupervised in halls, lobbies, etc. This is necessary for safety and security reasons, as well as for the decorum of the Synagogue Center.

Please note: parents are responsible for their children at all times when they are not attending a youth program.


All youth programs provide snacks for the children and on Yom Kippur, sandwiches for children under the age of bar/bat mitzvah. SNACKS FROM HOME ARE NOT PERMITTED. Please call the office if your child has any allergies or other health concerns.

Special accommodations for infants and babies


Change Table: A change table is available in the lower level men and women’s washrooms.


Strollers and carriages: Please leave all strollers and carriages outside under the canopy at the rear of the building. This will ensure safe passage for everyone inside.

Volunteering – Community Service

Any adults or teens that would like to volunteer to help with the Youth programming during the High Holiday season or in assisting with any of the subsequent youth programs during the course of the entire year, please contact our office.

Shana Tova