The month of Elul is a time introspection and inspiration in anticipation of the upcoming High Holy Season of Awe and Joy – uniquely positioned to initiate a new year’s flowering and blossoming of fresh blessings.

Each day Psalm 27 is recited at the conclusion of the Shacharit and Mincha services. Its stirring themes are emblematic of this elevated season of heightened spirituality.  This special recitation continues from Rosh Chodesh Elul straight through HoShanah Rabbah!

In years past, our Rav prepared and delivered a series of fascinating classes on these uplifting verses; and they are now all available ‘on demand.’ Visit our website to discover how this custom developed and what its detailed verses should mean to us during this time of year!   

Minhag Yisrael Torah… the Custom Backgrounder:
When did we begin. Why we Recite this Unique Psalm?   

Part One, verses 1 – 3: King David's Fortifying Faith

Part Two, verses 4 – 6: The Songful Single Request

Part Three, verses 7 – 8: Our Monarch’s Pounding Heart

Part Four, verses 9 – 14: Judaism’s Audacity of Hope