download.jpg“POSITIVITY BIAS”Pioneering a uniquely
Uplifting and Truly Transformational Jewish Calendar! 

Nature, nurture, social conditioning and free will, create the lens that frames, forms, clouds and distorts the way we view ourselves and the world around us. Living most meaningfully and effectively means adjusting defaults we’ve developed. This year’s Chabad Flamingo Calendar will IYH feature monthly excerpts of the bestselling book “Positivity Bias” and it’s sure to become a most popular calendar! Advertising in it means supporting Yiddishkeit activities while promoting your business to the local community in a sure-to-be favourite that’ll be displayed in thousands of homes, condos, offices and businesses across York Region. Don’t miss this targeted opportunity to reach a uniquely prosperous market by showcasing your business in our Positivity Bias Calendar! There’s only limited ad space left; so please act quickly before it sells out!

For More Information and Rates please contact Rabbi Yossi