Born to Holocaust survivors, Rami Sherman was raised and educated until after the Six Day War on a Kibbutz in the north of Israel that was only 500 m from the Syrian border. 


Upon enlisting in the IDF, he was inducted into Israel’s elite commando unit – Sayeret Matkal, where he eventually became a squad commander.


Working directly under the command of the legendary Yoni Netanyahu in Operation Entebbe, Rami was deeply involved in the planning and preparation for the spectacular, historic rescue.


Rami arrived at airport aboard the first huge Hercules, and was sitting in the limo that drove behind the famous faux presidential Mercedes disguised to gain entry to the heavily guarded compound; he was one of the front-line commandos who freed the hostages at Entebbe Airport.

After Yoni Netanyahu was wounded, Rami drove him back to the Hercules, where a team of medical professionals were waiting; sadly, there Yoni tragically perished. Rami was the commander who personally led the rescued hostages to the Hercules.


Subsequently, he continued to serve in his elite unit, as Special Operations Commander until 1980. After being released from active duty, he helped establish the reserves unit.


On the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe hostage rescue, Rami finally took the liberty of writing and documenting his dramatic eyewitness account of that remarkable operation.


Rami believes the defiant courage demonstrated at Entebbe fortified and united the Jewish people in Diaspora with those living in Israel, because this rescue had nothing to do with the Israeli citizenship of some the hostages, but everything to do with their Jewish identity of them all.


In Rami’s own words, “I flew to Entebbe as an Israeli, but landed back in Israel as a Jew; however, it took me 40 years to realize that!”